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Leading brand for eco-friendly and sustainable handmade kitchen utensils and home ornamentation.

About Us

Handmade products are a total luxury. The human touch that creates the product is nothing but sacred; the time, the effort, the love, and the life invested in the process by the craftsmen to carve, chisel and create makes the product unmatchable to anything manufactured commercially by the machines.
Atelier introduces the finest handmade products that include kitchen utensils like spoons and knives and countless other products of ornamentation and household use.

It is one of its kind company that not only commits to facilitating you with supreme quality handmade products but keeps global warming and climate change at its primary focus encouraging the use of organic materials only, for the manufacturing of its products.
All of the craftsmen at Atelier are experienced and have full command of their craft. Every piece at Atelier is made with a lot of love and effort and time. Hence, each item will have its own distinctive attribute. The quality is outstanding and you will experience that the knife or the spoon you are using is one of its kind and there is nothing else like the one you are holding in your hand, in the world. That is what makes Atelier products, unique and exclusive.


The core idea of Atelier is to introduce healthy living by using organic products for the betterment of this planet and our coming generations. It highly promotes the use of organic materials and also strictly uses natural substances in making products as well.


Atelier has the vision to create awareness about global warming and its harmful impacts. It understands that climate change is real and it will have more drastic effects on the planet in coming times and that would raise countless problems for our future generations. One of the major causes of global warming is artificial materials like plastics and other synthetic substances which enormously add to polluting the world. Atelier actively takes a step ahead in saving the world by manufacturing household products only from pure and organic materials. These products have long lives and greatly benefit our health and this planet earth.

Benchmark in Sustainable Household Products

Sustaining Crafts and the Craftsmen

Atelier is not only keeping the ancient art forms alive but it is providing work to the craftsmen who were long forgotten. Atelier greatly contributes to sustaining the craft and the craftsmen by building a bridge between the old traditions and art forms with the contemporary world.

Promoting the Use of Organic Materials

Atelier emphasizes and also ensures that it only uses organic raw materials to manufacture goods. As one of the core values of the company is to minimize the effects of global warming on the planet. The use of organic materials causes less pollution and also the products are long-lasting, their lives are 100 times longer than the ones manufactured of artificial materials like plastics and other such materials.

Let’s think about the future of our children.

Thinking Ahead for the Future

Atelier thinks ahead for the future of the world and the children of the world, therefore it produces eco-friendly products, and the procedures it, uses are strictly organic and harmless to the planet earth. It believes that we have to start thinking about the future of the planet from now so we can hand over a safe and healthy planet to our coming generations. Amid all of these dramatic climate changes, it is most necessary now than ever.

Value for Money

Atelier products are made of organic and natural materials hence they sustain longer than other products. Their quality is better and you can tell even in a look, that it is truly a piece of art.

Well Embellished Pieces

Apart from delivering high-quality pieces, Atelier puts ample effort into the outlook of the products. Their products have a particular look and feel that makes them exclusive and distinctive from any such thing available in the market. You may easily tell that Atelier products have something special in them. Out of many products for home décor, kitchen and household use they manufacture, their knives and wooden spoons are the most popular ones.